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Still young and healthy


I lost my 15+ year old Sweetie dog. She was out of my first corgi litter and lived here for her forever life. Although there are still 3 children and grandchildren with me, her passing has made a hole in my heart and house. Although she was very sweet with people, she was quite tough with other dogs and ruled the roost till the day she left us. She always made her little bark when people came to visit so that they would come and pet her first.

Sweetie was out of my first Pembroke litter. She goes back to the Shaferhaus lines. She had one litter, and her daughter Deedee is still with me at age 12. Deedee has not been DNA'd for DM, but is still moving well and able to do her walkies in the park. Sweetie did some conformation shows and had some points, but I decided that she was not really going to finish her championship title. On top of that, she was NOT willing to learn obedience…stubborn should have been her second name! So she lived her fifteen years as a good companion and guarded the house and yard against chipmunks.

To the best of my memory, Sweetie started to show obvious signs of DM around the summer of 2010. I had her tested January 18, 2011 and she came up At Risk. On 4/9/2011 I got her a cart and some time before that her WalkAbout - size Small/Medium from Scout's House. She could use her cart until beginning 2012, and then only her walkabout.



Sweetie was my "bed" dog, but she could no longer jump up. I used to call her the "Pillow Queen" because she would sleep next to me right on top of a pillow. She knew how to make herself comfy. I loved having her company.

When she became urine incontinent (25mg Proin helped), she slept in a large wire crate in the bedroom, along with the other girls. It was not long till she just could not make it up the steps by herself, so she wore her walkabout for the staircase and up we went together….going down in the morning was always exciting as I had to make sure she did not tumble down the steps. The walkabout was necessary going down also. It seems I spent a lot of time, putting on the walkabout and taking it off! At that time I told myself when she could no longer pull herself upstairs (with my help, of course) I would put her down. But that is not how it went. Although she was "planted", she still seemed to have a will to live and enjoy life as it became for her. She could still be in the dog yard watching what was going on and snoozing in the sun.

She never complained about her unlucky lot in life. For a while she managed to scoot around. I did get her booties to save her rear paws from scrapes. She liked her cart and had no problems from the get go. She knew to bark for me if she got stuck somewhere, which happened often. We could only use her cart outdoors as my house has too many steps.

2-1-12 - probably around the last time she could use her cart. Luckily, a mild winter


Sometime in spring/summer of 2012, she lost all use of her legs. About the most she could do was a little rotation to turn around. Instead of upstairs at night, she slept on a nice comfy bed in the kitchen with the boys. She only complained for a couple of nights….."wait! you forgot about me!" But she quickly adjusted. During the day, she was in the groom room, or sunning herself outside. Evenings she spent in the family room with us, enjoying her popcorn. She became totality incontinent and started to develop UTI's, even though I expressed her as often as I could. I got her Huggies diapers, size 5, which where a God Send! I also bought hospital wee wee pads on EBAY. I never had to express poop….it just fell out.

It was when family would exclaim how awful she was looking that I began to think the time is coming. Although her eyes were bright, mind good, appetite good, she had lost a lot of weight and I would see her shivering a lot. She had a huge cyst/tumor on her tummy. And she started getting blood in her urine even though treated for UTI. Sweetie was a strong minded, cantankerous girl to the very end. We will all miss her presence. I cannot say that DM killed her….I believe that age was a factor and that something else was going on.

How did DM affect my life? I became a care taker, always worried about leaving for too long. I know that down the line, one of my dogs may come down with DM and at this point I would say, never again. I cannot go through this again. But who knows, when it actually occurs, just how I would feel then. The big difficulty with DM is the fact that the dogs don't seem to complain. They still have light in their eyes and expectations of good things to come. So we become their care takers with love in our hearts and grieve when they have to leave us.

Run free, my Sweetie. Chase those chipmunks at the Bridge.


At the end…..my pretty old girlie

As of January 2014, Sweety's daughter, Deedee is coming down with DM. And so, another sadness will be upon us.

courtesy of sushiefish


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