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PACH Spirit of Woodland, PAX, MXP3, MXPB, MJP5, MJB, NAJ, NFP, CGC, TDI, PHT


Awww - 9 weeks




Spirit as a youngster



Photo by Cindy Noland  


****Spirit takes a first place Jumpers and Weaves at the Western PA KC Show!

Photo By Donna Kroack     




Down the Stretch - photo by Donna Kroack


Spirit Receives His Title 7-24-2005 Novice Agility Jumpers Preferred


spirit nat'l



MXJP - Donna Kroack Photographer

New MJP2 Masters' Jumper Preferred -2 Title, May 8, 2010 - Double Q!
New NAP title, May 12, 2007 Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club in Delmont, PA. Three first place.
New OJP title, Erie Kennel Club" in Albion, PA. June 30 2007 with a first place. He also got a first place, qualifying run in Standard! In his jumpers run, he was the only one to qualify out of the entire Open class. It was a very difficult course; and, Spirit was absolutely clean! In the Standard run, he had the fastest time in the entire Open class.

New OAP title, July 29, 2007 at Tamarack Agility Club with another First Place.

AJP- Excellent A Jumpers Preferred - First Place!
Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
North Olmstead, OH
August 11, 2007

NFP at Youngstown All-Breed Training Club 8-18-07 And AXP at Western Reserve Kennel Club 12-14-2008

MXJP with a first place at Albion 6-24-2009

Spirit On YouTube

Master's Standard Title Runs Spirit and James earned their Master's Standard Title today with a Double Q and two first place runs! (Youngstown All-Breed Club at Washingtonville, OH ). They had two fabulous runs. Spirit now has 4 DQ's, needs 2 more to qualify for AKC Nationals. He has 5 DQ's toward his PAX title. 6-12-10

Double Q Spirit earned 2 first places at this trial. Fastest time in entire 8" class! He earned his MJP2 title and needs 3 more DQ's to qualify for AKC Nationals in April 2011. He needs 2 more clean runs in standard for his MXP title!

Double Q- First Place:Spirit and James March 13, 2010

2nd Place At PWCCA National

7-25 Double Q First Place
6-24--09 - Masters Title
6/24/09 - Standard Run5

6-6-09 - Jumpers - first place
6-6-09 - Standard - ooops

So excited to announce a Dream Come True........

AKC National Agility Competition, Spirit wins the Challenge Round

AKC National Agility Competition, Spirit takes 2nd place in the Finals!!!

New news for Spirit
MXPB: Masters' Standard Preferred, Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award.
MJPB: Masters' Jumpers Preferred, Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award.
To earn this, the dog must earn 25 Qualifying runs. After the Bronze comes the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award, Spirit needs 10 more qualifying runs to earn his Jumpers Silver, and will need 20 more Standard qualifying runs.

Quite impressive!


PACH Spirit of Woodland, PAX, MXP3, MXPB, MJP5, MJB, NAJ, NFP, CGC, TDI, PHT

arrowSpirit earned his PACH at the Border Collie Society of America Agility trial in Edinboro, PA February 24, 2013. His 20th Double Qualifying Score, also was earned with 2 First Place Finishes. With these, he earned his Masters' Jumper Preferred 5 Title, as well.

Our boy is a CHAMPION !! Spirit's PACH run. Love the ending❤❤

July 13, 2013. Spirit, at 13 yrs, is still very much in competition and plans to attend the AKC Nationals next Spring. Amazing last video:





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