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Woodland is located in Hudson, a small city in NE Ohio. We are situated on 5+ acres of secluded wooded land. The backyard grassy area is all fenced in with post & rail with chain link so the dogs have the freedom to run and play and keep in good condition. There is also a large enclosure further back for the big dogs. The dogs are out in the yard or kennel during the day , but all the corgis come in the house at night to keep me company and sleep on my bed. When we are not showing, we spend our days walking in the park, or playing dog soccer in the back yard.  I also enjoy obedience and rally taining with my dogs.

I became involved with showing/breeding German Shepherds in the mid 1970's. I started with obedience, became very active with the sport of tracking, earning a Canadian TDX/US CDX TDX and a US CDX TDX. I also was an AKC Tracking Judge. With a very limited breeding program I have managed to breed one ROM, two Select Champions, A Select Ch. PT TC, a BOS Maturity CH. TC and other champions. I was a 25-year member of the GSDCA and am a life member of GSDCNO, Inc., PWCCWR, Inc and the Buckeye Tracking Club. I no longer breed German Shepherd Dogs, although I will most likely always have at least one around.

After falling in love with a darling corgi belonging to a friend I wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi of my own. Seventeen years ago I was able to fullfill this wish with a little female that was to be my foundation bitch. My first Champion came out of her first litter and I have been blessed in that his two sisters produced beautiful puppies. A very limited breeding program produced  group winner Ch Woodland's Macintush TC, group winner Ch. Woodland's Diamond N Da Ruff CGC, group winner Ch Crookedriver's Rocket Man, handled by my granddaughter and Ch Woodland's Chips Ahoy CD,RA,RE,HCT,PT,CGC, who finished at the tender age of 10 months and who has Champion progeny. Currently I am working with Woodlands Cornelia CD,RA (pictured above) in Rally and Obedience. We are finding that Chip's puppies are wonderful for performance, particularly Agility.

My current show dog is Ch. Cardinals Song of the Trees at Woodland (Dozer). I hope to be doing RALLY and Herding with him. He is co-owned with Breeder, Dee Ambrose Stahl.

I am a life member and past officer of the PWCCWR and a member of the PWCCA, GSDCA, life member GSDCNO, life member BTC.

My main interests now are photography, ad and web design.

Memorial to Sweety

Since i have an interest in photography, you will find a lot of photos on this site that I enjoy sharing with you.

I will not be planning any littlers for the foreseeable future.




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