Fee Schedules - Printable ORDER FORM

Photos (all on archival paper)

Photo Size
One Print
*Two Same Picture
4 x 6 - borderless Glossy orLuster
5 x 7 - borderless Glossy or Luster
8 x 10 - Ultra Premium borderless Glossy
8.5 x 11 - Borderless Glossy or Luster
8.5 x 11 - Velvet Fine Art Paper
11 x 14 - Borderless Glossy
13 x 19 - Borderless Glossy
CD with digital images @300ppi - each image
suitable for printing/Ads
Emailed web images @ 72ppi - N/C with print order
each image
larger images $8


*All pictures will be cropped and enhanced. Post Processing involving changing
backgrounds, removing leads, erasing blemishes etc are exra charge depending on difficulty. See below.


Photo Shoot

$50 - $100 depending on distance

I will do photo shoots in my own area and at local shows if I am there for no fees
I do not charge for photo shoots on my own grounds

Ad Design w your photo
$50 minimum - $35 per hour over 1hr
Digital post processing
$10 per 15 minutes. Simple lead removal are done gratus.
Email Digital Files to Publication

$15 - I have info for PWCPA and GSDCA. Include contact, FTP address, and size information. Images are sent in full resolution; order does not include a copy of the photo

Photo Collage
8 x 10 $45/11x14 $65 # of images 2 - 5 is best

Contact Woodland Designs
I am accepting payments by PAYPAL to chdexter@mac.com Please add 3% to payment

Please make checks payable to:

Birgit Rhoads
5974 Stone Road
Hudson OH 44236