CH Woodland's Chips Ahoy CD RE HT PT HCT CGC PHC

Chipper has OFA Hips Excellent, eyes CERF clear, vWD clear and Fluffy Gene free.
He is a proven stud dog with Champion progeny.

 Chip is continuing to work in performance. He is so fun to work with


Chip at 11 weeks

Chip at Four years


JC Photo

Chip BOB Lorain County KC 12-04


photo by H Lampman



Wilcox Photo


Baines Photo


Chip Herding



class=Kurtis Photography

 Pictured is Ch Woodland's Chips Ahoy at age 10 mos winning his first major.
He finished his AKC Champion Title 4 mos later with 3 majors.


Chip loves to work!



Ch Woodlands Chips Ahoy Health Pedigree

To see more of Chip go to Pictures


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